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Encyclopedia of Arab Legislations and Regulations
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ACRLI Presentation

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Project on “Developing the Constitutional Justice Platform for the MENA Region and Europe” (December 2021- December 2022)

Within the framework of its’ Initiative “Towards Building the Constitutional Justice Network”, ACRLI is implementing the” Constitutional Justice Platform for the MENA Region and Europe” in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

The Constitutional Justice Platform is dedicated to promoting and deepening the constitutional culture, developing the performance of constitutional institutions and raising awareness on best practices to improve constitutional justice reform. The platform contributes to developing the performance of the Arab constitutional courts’ members by creating a communication network with European constitutional courts and councils. This stimulates continuous dialogue between constitutional judges, ordinary judges, experts and professors of constitutional law from Arab and European countries to exchange experiences and expertise.

The project contributes to establishing and educating the future generation of constitutional judges by developing structured curricula at law faculties for the benefit of students and ensuring integration of professional skills. It also contributes to raising awareness about the concepts of constitutional justice by strengthening the capacities of specialized civil society organizations, enhancing the role of the press in defending the rights and freedoms enshrined in constitutions, monitoring practices that violate constitutions and laws, and disclosing them to the media. The latter serves in return to increasing public awareness and thus the ability to hold the authorities accountable.

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