Second International conference on: “Promoting Government – Civil Society Dialogue and Reforming Laws” (Egypt-Cairo, 16-17 January 2008)

On January 16-17, 2008 a second regional conference was held in Cairo, Egypt under the auspices of the Arab League and the Civil Society Commission of the Arab League.  Different related departments such as the Council of the Arab Ministers of Justice, the Arab Parliament, the Arab Labour Organization, the Arab Centre for Legal and Judicial Research were invited to participate in order to highlight the Arab League reform endeavours.

The invitees were representatives of Arab governments, legislators, parliamentarians, representatives of civil society organizations, national and international networks and organizations and concerned UN bodies. 

The conference aimed at promoting genuine reform attempts within the Arab World from Arab governments and Arab civil society which will contribute to political stability and democratisation. It also highlighted the common aspirations of governments and civil society, the conference aims at creating a coordination mechanism between civil society organizations, governments and the existing Arab League bodies in order to achieve legal reform for the three laws: NGO laws, political parties’ laws and labour union laws.

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