The first national conference of “Promoting Freedom of Association in Lebanon” (17 December 2007 Beirut).

Within the three year regional project cofunded by the European Union entitled: "Enhancing the legal framework of Associations in the Arab World through national dialogue and empowerment of civil society"
implemented by the Friederich Nauman Foundation and the Arab center for the development of the rule of law and integrity. The first national conference entitled “Promoting Freedom of Association in Lebanon”
was held in the Gefinor Rotana Hotel on the 17th of December 2007.

The national conference aimed to present the results of a national consultation process that has taken place in September 2007 around three laws with great impact on the democratization process in Lebanon: the NGO law, the political parties law and the labour union law. This consultation process has resulted in a policy paper summing results of focus group meetings and consultation with the different stakeholders. Participants in this conference were: government officials, representatives of NGOs, political parties and labour unions in addition to academics and intellectuals who have the relevant knowledge and experience.

Recommendations resulted from the conference aiming at enforcing the communication between the civil society and the government and participation in building policies and decision making by the civil society organizations, political parties and labor union. The recommendations were declared in a press conference held in the Gefinor Rotana Hotel on the 18th of December 2007.

The conference Agenda (Available in Arabic)

National Policy Paper On CSO, Political Parties and Labor Union Laws

The list of participants

The recommendations (Available in Arabic)

Press release: Nahar-15-12-2007 \ Nahar-18-12-2007