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Training for trainers (TOT) on the “Abolition of discrimination against women” in Iraq
Within the framework of " towards the abolition of discrimination against women" project," The Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity has organized a workshop for trainers on the abolition of discrimination against women in cooperation with the Iraqi Al-Amal, which was held in Baghdad at 26-28 of November 2013. The training sessions brought together representatives of Iraqi civil society aimed to strengthen the trainers capacity on defining the concept of discrimination and gender-based violence, identifying the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, identifying the forms, types and impacts of violence against women, identifying mechanisms for women subjected to violence, what causes violence against women and its impact , identifying forms and types of domestic violence against women, identifying national and international mechanisms and policies to protect women from violence, identifying the Iraqi laws that discriminate against Iraqi women, identifying the experiences and legislations that punish acts of domestic violence against women, identifying United Nations resolutions on violence against women and punish acts of violence against women and determining the forms and violence against women refugees.